Welcome to Laughing Wren Studio LLC!

Let me begin by introducing myself: my name is Lauren. I’m a freelance writer, graphic designer, and artist based out of Wake Forest, North Carolina, and this is my studio website. Whether it’s trying out a new recipe, composing a short story, or producing a work of art, I enjoy pretty much anything that involves creating something new and letting my imagination run wild. This site represents just a few of the things I love to make. I hope that you will love them too!



Vision_Magazine_Cover_2016 Vision is an annual publication produced by Duke’s Department of Ophthalmology. The 2016 edition came out in July and was distributed to alumni, donors, faculty and staff. Laughing Wren Studio had the privilege of writing three articles and four biographies for this year’s magazine.

The publication can be viewed in its entirely here. To view the individual sections written by Laughing Wren Studio, click on the links below:


Writing Technology Opportunity Sheets (or TOPs) is just one many exciting opportunities that has been made available to me while working as a sub-contractor for InnoVector Tech, Inc., a technical management consulting and strategic communications firm based in Raleigh, NC. These TOPs are written for NASA Glenn Research Center’s Technology Transfer Program. The goal of the Technology Transfer Program is to promote the many exciting technologies developed for NASA missions in exploration and discovery and make them broadly available to the public. One way that this is accomplished is through the use of TOPs like these, which educate potential partners about technologies that are available for licensing.











Safe Space is a non-profit organization that is committed to reducing relationship violence in Franklin County, North Carolina and nearby communities. This project was done as part of a team of consultants under InnoVector Tech Inc., a management consulting and strategic communication firm based in Raleigh, NC. In addition to designing the site, I took photographs and assisted with text. Click here to learn more about this project.

The new website can be accessed at http://ncsafespace.org